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How Do You Remove Fleas from Your House?

by admin on April 3, 2012 · 0 comments

flea removalMost of the people who have pets in the house find it hard to control fleas in the house. Most of the flea removal products are effective but it is advisable to stick with the brands that are not harmful to the children and other family members. One of the ways to start the removal process is to ensure that the pet is clean and does not have any fleas. This is through washing them with the removal products and let them in the sun to dry. Once the pet is clean, one needs to start cleaning the house.

Flea removal process for the house needs to be intense and this means cleaning all surfaces and areas of the house. The fleas grow at a fast rate and within a few days, they breed and start to lay eggs. The process should be conducted carefully and ensure all the surfaces are clean. People who have carpets and rugs need to wash them and let them out in the sun to dry and kill the eggs. There are special detergents and chemicals solid in stores that are quite effective in cleaning and get rid of the parasites immediately. After cleaning all the rooms and surfaces, one needs to focus the flea removal procedure on the places the pet likes to stay.

Conducting the flea removal process in the house on a regular basis is quite tiresome but one can easily purchase the chemicals effective for more than six months. It is advisable to get professional assistance from companies that deal with parasite management and control to clean the entire house and pets. This guarantees one protection from the fleas for six months. Other basis and simple procedures one can conduct at home is using salt when vacuuming the house, and ensure that the pet is always clean and use the powdered parasite killer occasionally to kill any fleas and their eggs.

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